[Review] Geo Angel Blue Lenses from Pinkicon.com

Hi! I’m here with a new review. I’m sorry I’m really inactive with cosplay tutorials but actually except for holidays I’m working a lot for the university and I can’t use many time for cosplay ^^.

GEO Angel Blue Lenses



Shop: Pinkicon.com

Lenses: GEO Angel Blue

Brand: GEO

Water content: 38%

Diameter: 14.2 mm (the biggest is 15.0)

Base curve: 8.6

Duration: 1 year

Price: $14.40

Prescripion/Correttive lenses: YES


pack pACK2

The shipping was really fast. I reveived the lenses in about a week. by the way I had some issues with the post office so I got them a bit later but that’s not a problem of the shop.

 There was a cute ticket on the post package with PinkIcon logo. I also found inside the package some instructions about the correct use of circle lenses and the pinkicon shop ticket.


The lenses were protected and there was also a basic Lens case offered by the shop. Nothing was damaged by the delivery. I opened the lenses the first day to look at them and I liked the colour. I didn’t pick them from the shop but they decided for me according to my colour preferences. They seemed pretty good for dark eyes as covering lenses.

lens3 pinkicon


I have  brown eyes so I always look for covering lenses which also provide a naturalistic effect on the eye. I love the deep blue colour of them and the colour has a great effect even on my dark eyes.

lens lens2

By the way they don’t provide one of the best natural effect. They are just in the middle between non-realistic and realistic lenses. I didn’t find already a pair of lenses which provide both deep blue and natural effect ^^”. Maybe I ask to much.

I put here three pics with different lights. Both three are done with a natural light in different days (both sunny and cloudy) and they provide a great blue colour in any case.


I also tested them with Flash from the camera even if I prefer no-flash photos when I’m in cosplay during conventions sometimes people uses it xD



This pair of lenses provides a nice eyes enlargement. I like the “dolly eye” effect in circle lenses and sometimes I’m tempted to buy brown lenses just to enlarge my eye and achieve this cute gaze but I also want something that may still appear “real”


In any case this tipe of enlargement is not the biggest one (they sells lens from 14.0 to 15.0) so the eyes still appears natural. I think this is the best diameter for me because my little eyes seems bigger but I don’t look like a strange alien ^^”. This is good for cosplay as for everyday life.



I tryed them for a fast photo the day before going on holidays in Berlin. They were really soft and easy to wear. My eyes didn’t cry (it usually happens with some tipes of lenses). I tryed to wear them for a whole day and I did the same this week when I did the photos for the review. I didn’t had any problem with the sun in the face or artificial light (which are usually the things that disturb me the most while I’m wearing contacts). Same thing for the time spent on computer. I also didn’t have any problem with blur effects. I think that the confort they provide is one of the best as I saw with most of the GEO lenses.



The site of the shop is not entirely in english but is easy to understand and the staff is really nice and fast with answers. I think that the confort provided by the lenses + the possibility to buy prescripted lenses is one of the best things of the shop. PinkIcon offers over 500 circle lenses and a lot of cosmetics. It also sells wigs part and full wigs. Is awesome that they provide prescripted lenses for so many circle lenses. They also sells daily and monthly lenses. is clear that they are more interested in buty and everyday life than cosplay but they also have cosplay lenses.  I think that they have really good prices + free shipping.


I think that this pair of lenses is suitable both for cosplay that everyday wearing. I’m pretty satisfied for them and for now they are the most confortable pair of lenses I ever tryed. I’m sure I will use them for my Harley Quinn cosplay. I hope I will find time to do a make up test soon so I will upload some new photos on this review ^^

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[review] Officer League of Legends costume from Cosplaypark.com

Hi!! I’m here with a new review. This costume is from Cosplaypark.com like the last wig I reviewed here on the blog. I also did a fast photoshot thanks to my boyfriend to share the costume. Enjoy!!



Item: League of Legends Caitlyn Sexy cosplay costume ( the shop has a category for “sexy costumes”)

Shop: cosplaypark.com

Pieces: Top, skirt, gloves, belt, leg accessories, hat, tie

Shipping: two weeks with free standard shipping

Price: $49,99

Can I ask for custom measurements? yes


as the site provides the image of a cosplayer as the item I will compare the dress to that image and not to Officer Caitlyn skin from the game. That’s because the item should match the picture first.


The top fits really well, I don’t like the buttons a lot but it is the same as the picture. The fabrics are nice and it fits me really well. This is one of my favourite parts of the costume.

The bra is not included. I used a bra that I already had to take pictures.

The colour is a bright blue. Darker than the skin in the game. By the way it matches the picture in the shop really well.

giacca3 giacca4 giacca6



This is another part I like a lot. It fits really well as the top does and the zip is confortable to use. it doesn’t have any bad or ugly stitch. I photographed it as it arrived. It is exactly like the picture. It misses the black fabric that you can see in the game model skin. I think I will add it in a second moment to improve the costume ^^



Even if this isn’t exactly like the one that caitlyn wears in the game this fits the picture of the shop. I like it. there is some thread around this is pretty nice. It is also confortable to wear. It has just the gold string that there isn’t in the game but is ok cause it can be removed as all the threads.

cappello2 cappello3

It had a plastic circle inside to keep the rounded shape. I decided to remove it for the photoshot because I didn’t like it a lot. It can be put in and removed with ease. I show here some photos of before/after.

cirlcee hatcompare

even without the circle it keeps his shape, it is just more soft.


Just a simple belt. It seems one of the belts you can buy in a super cheap shop. It has nothing special but is in fake leather with is good.


Bad note: it broke after the photoshot. I just don’t know why but even if the fabric is nice the buckle is a bad quality one.



lacci1 lacci3

They are made in fake soft leather. They were confortable to wear and they can be adjusted to fit different sizes. Bad note they didn’t have the fake bullets showed in the picture but that’s ok. If they had the places where insert the fake bullets they were perfect.



Even if the fabric is good (soft fake leather) I think this is the worst part of the costume. They didn’t fit well on me and they had a bad shape.


My boyfriend tryed them and they were better on his hands xD I decided to use my Jinx gloves for the photoshot because this were too bad.



The shop was nice with me and I enjoyed to wear this costume. Probably I will wear again for photos or if I decide to make a caitlyn cosplay. I think that is good for the category “sexy” more than the category “cosplay” because it miss some details that are really important for a good costume.

By the way for someone who can’t sew and wants a base to start the costume and improve it adding details this is a good base. It doesn’t have a bad smell or bad flaws. I think that review may be considered positive as the main part of the costume is good!


As I didn’t own a Caitlyn wig I decided to get a bit mad and cosplay a sort of Mad Officer Jinx for the photoshot. I also decided to use her gloves and her boots. I used a reversed tie who covered me a lot and made me appear even more flat xD

All the photos are made by Nico’ade works.

jinx officer jinx cosplayofficer jinx cosplay officer jinx cosplay officer jinx cosplay

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Review: Light Blonde Wig from Cosplaypark.com (Part 1. not styled)

Hi!!! Today I’m here with a review for Cosplaypark.com which send me a wig and a costume that I will review in another post (I did the photoshot with the costume yesterday!!!)

Light Blonde Wig



Shop: Cosplaypark.com

Article Name: Kasugano Sora girls cosplay wig

Brand: The Second Nachname

Lenght: 100cm

Shipping: 2 weeks with free standard shipping

Price: 17,80€


The delivery was really fast as free standard shipping. In two weeks I received the wig and the costume from the shop without any import duty. The package was pretty standard. I post here the pictures.



The items didn’t get any damage from the shipping but the wig was a little messy. I just coiffed it a bit even if this is a review of the wig not styled by me. I’m going to style this for my Juliet cosplay from Lollipop chainsaw so I will cut the hair and I will do higher ponytails. By the way I wanted to show the wig as it was when I got it ^^

With the wig I received also a pair of Black hair ribbons, a wig cap and 3 candies of White rabbit.







The wig is parted to have natural pigtails without the use of Clips. The effect behind is nice and I love it as I’m going to cosplay with it characters from films and videogames which ask for a realistic effect.

It is full of hair but is not so easy to comb but with a bit of patience it will work well. It is exactly 100cm long as the description on the shop and the colour match pretty well the photos showed in the shop.


I didn’t try yet if it is heat resistant as the shop says and I will write it in the second part of the review with the styled and cut wig. It keeps a nice opacity with natural light and direct sunlight. It shines only with the flash of the camera.  So with natural light it has a pretty realistic effect.


It can be adjusted to different head sizes. Usually I have a problem with some wig which is to much big for my head but this was easy to fix for my headsize.



I suggest this wig because I think that the price is good for this type of wig. It has really a nice colour and it is also parted which is not easy to found in a cheap wig. Cosplaypark.com is a little shop which sells cheap items. It hasn’t a big variety of products but after a month it added new products so it is trying to grow up. They were really nice with me and aswered really fast to my emails. I can’t wait to style this wig for my Juliet cosplay. I’m also planning to make Harley Quinn’s coloured extencion for a future cosplay!!

I will use it also for my Babydoll cosplay. I post here a pair of pics of me wearing it. Hope you enjoy!



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Review: Geo Twins Blue from solution-lens.com

Hello! I was really busy and I didn’t post on the blog and instagram. I was more active on facebook. So, I’m here to post my review sponsored by solution-lens.com

Geo Twins Blue Lens




Shop: solution-lens.com

Lenses: GEO Twins Blue

Brand: GEO

Water content: 38% – 42%

Diameter: 14.2 mm (the biggest diameter in the shop is 15.00mm)

Base Curve: 8.7

Duration: 1 year disposable

Price: $19.90

Prescription correttive lenses: no



As happened with the first order I made from this shop the shipping was really fast and the item arrived in two weeks (which is really fast shipping because I always receive my items from other shops after a month). the package was sicure and nothing got damaged by the delivery. I apreciated also the cute inner packaging which is characteristic of the shop. As happened with the other order the send to me also a cute pen and a pair of earrings.

9 10 12 11

Pretty lens case, in a different colour from the other order I made so I suppose they have a lot of colours. which is really good if you have more than one pair of lenses and you don’t want to get confused between a pair and another.



As always I must remember you that I have really dark brown eyes. so for me is not easy to find a contact lens which cover my eye colour with a natural effect. usually I found lenses which blend with my eyes colour but not cover it (and everyone can notice that I have dark eyes). I think this pair of lens are perfect for who wants a natural effect and cover a dark eye colour. The lenses are yellow inside and light blue outsite. this mix make them seems different according to the light. infact sometimes they appear grey or blu… sometimes green!! I’m sure they are perfect for fashion/everyday wear and for realistic cosplay.

3 5



This pair of lens is pretty confortable to wear. I didn’t have any problem to wear them but after a whole day of convention my eyes felt tired. So I kept them in my eye for about 10 hour that day. I think is never good to wear a pair of lens for so much time xD. in any case My eyes didn’t cry when I put them on (which sometimes happen with my eyes which are really delicate) and I didn’t had problem with sun and strong lights. I also took photos while wearing this pair of lens and I had a bit of problems because I saw things a bit blurred than without lens. I noticed this only while taking photos eheh ^^”.


I prefer this tipe of enlargement 14.2mm than the biggest one because it makes my eyes appear bigger without giving to me a dolly/alien appearance. I achieved with this pair of lenses the natural effect that I desired. If you want you eyes appear bigger you have to pick another pair of lens. this is the link betweek biggest and natural.



GEO for me is really a good lenses brand and I think I will buy again lens of this brand. Solution-lens.com is a good seller and is faster than others (perfect if you need your lens fast for a convention). for this pair of lenses in particular I have to say that I’m completely in love with the natural effect they give to my eyes. it seems that I really have light eyes which for me is amazing. Perfect for everyday/fashion wear and realistic cosplay (characters from film and videogames)


They also have a permanent giveaway so check it if you are interested -> giveaway


I used this lenses for a ryuko photoset but I didn’t get any photo with my eyes visible yet xD By the way I weared them also at cartoomics as Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite. I will post some photo soon on the blog ❤


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5 Things from my Cosplay Survival Kit

survival cosplay kit

Hi! Less than a year ago I didn’t take with me any survival kit while cosplay during convention and during a con I needed it so much and I had nothing with me!! (I was lucky that a cosplayer had what I needed and saved my day). So I started to build my own survival kit for cosplay. It change a bit every time in base of what I really need for a cosplay. But some things are always the same. Here we are with the first part of the list… I will post the second part another day


1. Basic make up

I need this for two types of situation:

– The start of the con. If I didn’t complete my make up at home because the character has signs or tattoos on the face or hands and I prefer to make them just after I entered into the con. (example: Kat’s signs on her hands)

– The middle of the con. Sometimes happens that you have to fix your make up! sometimes other cosplayers may need this and you can help them ^^

Also guys may need this for tattoos or similar (example: Draven’s tattoos on the face)

I will write about my basic make up for cosplay in another post, I have to admit that I use very cheap make up for cosplay eheh

2. Scissors


yay! that’s not because I’m a fan of kill la kill but because they may be very useful during a con if you aren’t exactly good to cut threads or scotch-tape with your teeths!!

3. Hand Sewing Threads and Needles


Well you know when your cosplay needs to be fixed during a con because maybe you didn’t sew well a part or you notice too late that there is something incomplete? Always bring with you some needle and white and black sewing threads for every emergence!


4. scotch-tape

Always. It’s kinda bad to see a piece of armor or a prop fixed with scotch-tape but It saved my life when I broke one of the inner threads of one of my Vi’s fingers. So I couldn’t move the finger >.< It also helped me with Sona’s Etwahl invisible threads when the glue didn’t work for all the day.


5. glue

Better alternative than scotch-tape for fix something broke from your armor, props and so on. I still prefer to have both glue and schotch-tape to be safe xD Even if you work really well to make a prop, when you are in the middle of a crowd of people you may broke some piece and this can really save you. Remember in any case to fix your props better when you are at home!!

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Thinking about a blog restyle…

Yep… I started the blog few weeks ago but I didn’t planned it well. It is too much focused on me while I prefer to talk about the world of cosplay (and all that is related) instead talking about me. Who cares?

So I’m going to change the categories of the blog. So I will still post my wips and reviews but I will also post things about the series I like and the ones I dislike (animes, mangas, films, videogames). I will also post about cosplayers I like and shops who sell items related to cosplay and the geek world ^^.

Hope you will enjoy this 😀


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Bakuzan Gako wip

Hi! This is the first work of the year *^* I’m really excited.

Since I’m going to do Satsuki again for a photoset I decided to make her weapons insted of use the scissor blade as I did the last time.

So I’m working on Bakuzan Gako which is the shorter one using Polyurethane sheets as material.

here there is one of the reference pictures I used to make Kouryu and Gako patterns

At first I looked for references because I knew the to weapons were a tanto and a wakizaki but I didn’t remember their shape. I found some photos of the action figure which were really useful.


Then I drew two fast patterns (just to have the whole idea in mind) and cut the pieces on a small polyurethane sheet. Then I started to sculpt Gako with a cutter. It is made of two pieces. I glued it with vinyl glue and I will put stucco/putty on it and then I will sand it before paint it with acrilyc colours.

2 3 4

Can’t wait to work more on this. I leave you with a picture of me as Satsuki at Rimini comics


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Review: Geo Hanabi Blue from solution-lens.com

Hi! tomorrow is christmas and I’m here writing a review. after christmas I go on holiday so is better that I write now or you have to wait until next year eheh.




Shop: solution-lens.com

Lenses: GEO Hanabi Blue

Brand: GEO

Water content: 38% – 42%

Diameter: 15.0 mm (biggest diameter into the shop)

Base Curve: 8.7

Duration: 1 year disposable

Price: $19.90

Prescription correttive lenses: no



fast delivery. Lenses arrived after 10 days. The package was good and made with attention for the lenses which were well protected. I also found quite pretty the inside package style. With the lenses I received also a pair of cute earrings and a cute pen which reminds a mouse and has written “solution-lens.com” to represent the store.

10 pacchetto12

I apreciated a lot and I was really happy to open the lens for a try. also the lens case was pretty (it is the basic lens case that you get for free. if you want you can pick and buy one from a list of cute lens case)11


my eyes are really dark so I was really impressed by the colour of this lenses. this blue is really bright and covers my eye really well. I also like the texture of the lens which give at the eye a more natural look even if the colour is really strong! I think this pair of lens is ideal for cosplay a character with blue eyes because the natural look meets the bright colour which is a characteristic difficult to obtain in fashion lenses or in halloween lenses which are the opposite. You can see above some photos with natural and artificial light.


natural light


artificial light


artificial light


this pair of lenses is really confortable to wear. I have no difficult to wear them and my eyes didn’t cry when I put them on (which is a thing that happens quite often with my eyes). I wore them for a whole day and I did the all days things without problems. I also used computer and got no headache. They are pretty soft and my eye never felt dry while wearing them.



with their 15.0 diameter they provide a great enlargement of the eye but they still didn’t make a person looks like a alien. They are good if you want to achieve a nice dolly eye effect. I still think this type of enlargement is a bit too high for every day wear and I prefer it for cosplay.



they have a bright and covering colour which is really good for dark eyes. You can’t achieve a complete natural look with these but they are good for cosplay anime and videogame characters ( not characters from films or realistic videogames… there are more natural looking lenses). there are also better lenses for every day wear and fashion even if these are a meeting point between halloween/costume lenses and fashion lenses. I still think that geo lenses are my favourites but I also have to try other lenses to confirm that.




Ihad no problems with the store. not for payement or shipping. they were fast and also nice with me when I wrote them by mail. Is easy to move into their site and every info about lenses is clear to the buyer. I think they may improve the site with a more catchy graphic but everything else is ok. I found this store on google and I liked different pairs of lenses in the shop so I decided to try it and I think I will try again to buy from them. I link here some pair of lenses from the store that captured my attention:  Geo nudy green  Dueba puffy blue  Vessen richy gold

They also have a permanent giveaway so check it if you are interested -> giveaway


I used this lenses for a fast ryuko photoshot for christmas and I’m ready to enjoy my time with my parents, my boyfriend and my friends in the next week. I want to wish you a happy new year ❤

merry christmas

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Why not so bad. Final Fantasy x-2

Final Fantasy x-2 arrived on ps3 this year in a HD version with final fantasy X. Square also announced It will arrive also for playstation 4. I feel a bit nostalgic because it was one of my favourites games. It arrived in Europe in 2004 and I bought it the launch date. I loved ffX so much and I absolutely wanted to play the sequel.

By the way it is considered by a lot of people a bad videogame. because of the story, because of the gameplay, bacause of the dresspheres mode, fan service and so on. Yuna as a singer? why?

I think that apart from something (yuna singer/fan service/minigames) the story deserves a lot. It gave me a lot of emotions even if it isn’t at the same level of ffX. I loved the characters and I love how they developed into ffx-2 (apart from rikku. too much silly but everything is exhagerated into this chapter).

The dresspheres reminds the class thing typical of final fantasy (the white mage also reminds the base white mage uniform of the saga). every character can change class and can be developed into all the classes. I think that’s ok because there are only three characters playable and this thing makes possible to change a bit the game and make it not boring.

there are a lot of side quests and also very difficult bosses. so is not easy to complete the game at 100% as is not easy with every ff chapter (well except ffXIII xD).

So I still think that ffX-2 can be considered a good game, or a not so bad game that deserves to be played at least for try it.

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Review: Geo Yuna cosplay from eyecandys.com

As promised I’m here with a review of something I’ve bought for cosplay. I used this lenses for cosplay Yuna and I found quite amazing that this shop sell this couple of lenses for cosplayer because at start I was afraid to buy a blue pair and a green pair just for cosplay Yuna. so…


the pack contains one piece of GEO Super Nudy Quarter Blue and a piece of GEO Super Nudy Quarter Green. If you need just one colour they are sold also as a pair 😀

Shop: eyecandys.com

Lenses: Geo Yuna cosplay blue/green

Brand: GEO

Origin: South Korea

Water content: 38% – 42%

Diameter: 14.8 mm, 16.0 mm effect

Base Curve: 8.4 – 8.6

Duration: 1 year disposable

Price: $24.39


The delivery was really fast. I bought them and received after a pair of weeks. as always is more the time that a package spend from Milano to my hometown that the time spent to arrive in Italy. Here there is a photo of the package. there is also a card from the shop. I think it is pretty and I was so happy when I received the lenses! It also appear professional.




outdoor light

both lenses have a natural colour and seems good also on dark eyes (my eyes are really dark brown). I think the green one has a more natural effect on the eye because it merges well with my eye while with the blue you can notice that there is a dark brown under. By the way I think they are quite good for a natural effect but with a photo from far the eyes result really dark and you can’t notice the difference between the two colours.


indoor light

I put here a zoom for a cosplay photo from Rimini comics to show that is quite hard to see the difference between the two lenses. By the way this happen when there isn’t many light and with photos by a certain distance.


detail from a cosplay photo – outdoor light

GEO Super Nudy Quarter Blue and Green This lenses are the largest in the shop and they have really a great natural effect on the eyes. I’m sure is good for everyday wear but for cosplay I think is better for characters from realistic videogames or films more than anime characters which I think need a more bright and covering colour.


COMFORT I think this lenses are really confortable. I wore them for two days and It was like not wearing lenses. I almost forgot to remove them before going to sleep. My eyes cryes a bit when I put them but it happens with most of the lenses I use. I wore them after 5 month and they are still good. it happened that lenses from other shop made my eyes burn after few months but with this pair I had no problem.


CONCLUSION I’m really happy for this lenses but if the colours where more strong and covered my eye better than this I would enjoy them more. I still think that they are perfect for everyday wearing and fashion.


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