Review: Geo Hanabi Blue from

Hi! tomorrow is christmas and I’m here writing a review. after christmas I go on holiday so is better that I write now or you have to wait until next year eheh.





Lenses: GEO Hanabi Blue

Brand: GEO

Water content: 38% – 42%

Diameter: 15.0 mm (biggest diameter into the shop)

Base Curve: 8.7

Duration: 1 year disposable

Price: $19.90

Prescription correttive lenses: no



fast delivery. Lenses arrived after 10 days. The package was good and made with attention for the lenses which were well protected. I also found quite pretty the inside package style. With the lenses I received also a pair of cute earrings and a cute pen which reminds a mouse and has written “” to represent the store.

10 pacchetto12

I apreciated a lot and I was really happy to open the lens for a try. also the lens case was pretty (it is the basic lens case that you get for free. if you want you can pick and buy one from a list of cute lens case)11


my eyes are really dark so I was really impressed by the colour of this lenses. this blue is really bright and covers my eye really well. I also like the texture of the lens which give at the eye a more natural look even if the colour is really strong! I think this pair of lens is ideal for cosplay a character with blue eyes because the natural look meets the bright colour which is a characteristic difficult to obtain in fashion lenses or in halloween lenses which are the opposite. You can see above some photos with natural and artificial light.


natural light


artificial light


artificial light


this pair of lenses is really confortable to wear. I have no difficult to wear them and my eyes didn’t cry when I put them on (which is a thing that happens quite often with my eyes). I wore them for a whole day and I did the all days things without problems. I also used computer and got no headache. They are pretty soft and my eye never felt dry while wearing them.



with their 15.0 diameter they provide a great enlargement of the eye but they still didn’t make a person looks like a alien. They are good if you want to achieve a nice dolly eye effect. I still think this type of enlargement is a bit too high for every day wear and I prefer it for cosplay.



they have a bright and covering colour which is really good for dark eyes. You can’t achieve a complete natural look with these but they are good for cosplay anime and videogame characters ( not characters from films or realistic videogames… there are more natural looking lenses). there are also better lenses for every day wear and fashion even if these are a meeting point between halloween/costume lenses and fashion lenses. I still think that geo lenses are my favourites but I also have to try other lenses to confirm that.




Ihad no problems with the store. not for payement or shipping. they were fast and also nice with me when I wrote them by mail. Is easy to move into their site and every info about lenses is clear to the buyer. I think they may improve the site with a more catchy graphic but everything else is ok. I found this store on google and I liked different pairs of lenses in the shop so I decided to try it and I think I will try again to buy from them. I link here some pair of lenses from the store that captured my attention:  Geo nudy green  Dueba puffy blue  Vessen richy gold

They also have a permanent giveaway so check it if you are interested -> giveaway


I used this lenses for a fast ryuko photoshot for christmas and I’m ready to enjoy my time with my parents, my boyfriend and my friends in the next week. I want to wish you a happy new year ❤

merry christmas

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