Review: Light Blonde Wig from (Part 1. not styled)

Hi!!! Today I’m here with a review for which send me a wig and a costume that I will review in another post (I did the photoshot with the costume yesterday!!!)

Light Blonde Wig




Article Name: Kasugano Sora girls cosplay wig

Brand: The Second Nachname

Lenght: 100cm

Shipping: 2 weeks with free standard shipping

Price: 17,80€


The delivery was really fast as free standard shipping. In two weeks I received the wig and the costume from the shop without any import duty. The package was pretty standard. I post here the pictures.



The items didn’t get any damage from the shipping but the wig was a little messy. I just coiffed it a bit even if this is a review of the wig not styled by me. I’m going to style this for my Juliet cosplay from Lollipop chainsaw so I will cut the hair and I will do higher ponytails. By the way I wanted to show the wig as it was when I got it ^^

With the wig I received also a pair of Black hair ribbons, a wig cap and 3 candies of White rabbit.







The wig is parted to have natural pigtails without the use of Clips. The effect behind is nice and I love it as I’m going to cosplay with it characters from films and videogames which ask for a realistic effect.

It is full of hair but is not so easy to comb but with a bit of patience it will work well. It is exactly 100cm long as the description on the shop and the colour match pretty well the photos showed in the shop.


I didn’t try yet if it is heat resistant as the shop says and I will write it in the second part of the review with the styled and cut wig. It keeps a nice opacity with natural light and direct sunlight. It shines only with the flash of the camera.  So with natural light it has a pretty realistic effect.


It can be adjusted to different head sizes. Usually I have a problem with some wig which is to much big for my head but this was easy to fix for my headsize.



I suggest this wig because I think that the price is good for this type of wig. It has really a nice colour and it is also parted which is not easy to found in a cheap wig. is a little shop which sells cheap items. It hasn’t a big variety of products but after a month it added new products so it is trying to grow up. They were really nice with me and aswered really fast to my emails. I can’t wait to style this wig for my Juliet cosplay. I’m also planning to make Harley Quinn’s coloured extencion for a future cosplay!!

I will use it also for my Babydoll cosplay. I post here a pair of pics of me wearing it. Hope you enjoy!



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