[review] Officer League of Legends costume from Cosplaypark.com

Hi!! I’m here with a new review. This costume is from Cosplaypark.com like the last wig I reviewed here on the blog. I also did a fast photoshot thanks to my boyfriend to share the costume. Enjoy!!



Item: League of Legends Caitlyn Sexy cosplay costume ( the shop has a category for “sexy costumes”)

Shop: cosplaypark.com

Pieces: Top, skirt, gloves, belt, leg accessories, hat, tie

Shipping: two weeks with free standard shipping

Price: $49,99

Can I ask for custom measurements? yes


as the site provides the image of a cosplayer as the item I will compare the dress to that image and not to Officer Caitlyn skin from the game. That’s because the item should match the picture first.


The top fits really well, I don’t like the buttons a lot but it is the same as the picture. The fabrics are nice and it fits me really well. This is one of my favourite parts of the costume.

The bra is not included. I used a bra that I already had to take pictures.

The colour is a bright blue. Darker than the skin in the game. By the way it matches the picture in the shop really well.

giacca3 giacca4 giacca6



This is another part I like a lot. It fits really well as the top does and the zip is confortable to use. it doesn’t have any bad or ugly stitch. I photographed it as it arrived. It is exactly like the picture. It misses the black fabric that you can see in the game model skin. I think I will add it in a second moment to improve the costume ^^



Even if this isn’t exactly like the one that caitlyn wears in the game this fits the picture of the shop. I like it. there is some thread around this is pretty nice. It is also confortable to wear. It has just the gold string that there isn’t in the game but is ok cause it can be removed as all the threads.

cappello2 cappello3

It had a plastic circle inside to keep the rounded shape. I decided to remove it for the photoshot because I didn’t like it a lot. It can be put in and removed with ease. I show here some photos of before/after.

cirlcee hatcompare

even without the circle it keeps his shape, it is just more soft.


Just a simple belt. It seems one of the belts you can buy in a super cheap shop. It has nothing special but is in fake leather with is good.


Bad note: it broke after the photoshot. I just don’t know why but even if the fabric is nice the buckle is a bad quality one.



lacci1 lacci3

They are made in fake soft leather. They were confortable to wear and they can be adjusted to fit different sizes. Bad note they didn’t have the fake bullets showed in the picture but that’s ok. If they had the places where insert the fake bullets they were perfect.



Even if the fabric is good (soft fake leather) I think this is the worst part of the costume. They didn’t fit well on me and they had a bad shape.


My boyfriend tryed them and they were better on his hands xD I decided to use my Jinx gloves for the photoshot because this were too bad.



The shop was nice with me and I enjoyed to wear this costume. Probably I will wear again for photos or if I decide to make a caitlyn cosplay. I think that is good for the category “sexy” more than the category “cosplay” because it miss some details that are really important for a good costume.

By the way for someone who can’t sew and wants a base to start the costume and improve it adding details this is a good base. It doesn’t have a bad smell or bad flaws. I think that review may be considered positive as the main part of the costume is good!


As I didn’t own a Caitlyn wig I decided to get a bit mad and cosplay a sort of Mad Officer Jinx for the photoshot. I also decided to use her gloves and her boots. I used a reversed tie who covered me a lot and made me appear even more flat xD

All the photos are made by Nico’ade works.

jinx officer jinx cosplayofficer jinx cosplay officer jinx cosplay officer jinx cosplay

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