Why not so bad. Final Fantasy x-2

Final Fantasy x-2 arrived on ps3 this year in a HD version with final fantasy X. Square also announced It will arrive also for playstation 4. I feel a bit nostalgic because it was one of my favourites games. It arrived in Europe in 2004 and I bought it the launch date. I loved ffX so much and I absolutely wanted to play the sequel.

By the way it is considered by a lot of people a bad videogame. because of the story, because of the gameplay, bacause of the dresspheres mode, fan service and so on. Yuna as a singer? why?

I think that apart from something (yuna singer/fan service/minigames) the story deserves a lot. It gave me a lot of emotions even if it isn’t at the same level of ffX. I loved the characters and I love how they developed into ffx-2 (apart from rikku. too much silly but everything is exhagerated into this chapter).

The dresspheres reminds the class thing typical of final fantasy (the white mage also reminds the base white mage uniform of the saga). every character can change class and can be developed into all the classes. I think that’s ok because there are only three characters playable and this thing makes possible to change a bit the game and make it not boring.

there are a lot of side quests and also very difficult bosses. so is not easy to complete the game at 100% as is not easy with every ff chapter (well except ffXIII xD).

So I still think that ffX-2 can be considered a good game, or a not so bad game that deserves to be played at least for try it.

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