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Hello! I was really busy and I didn’t post on the blog and instagram. I was more active on facebook. So, I’m here to post my review sponsored by

Geo Twins Blue Lens





Lenses: GEO Twins Blue

Brand: GEO

Water content: 38% – 42%

Diameter: 14.2 mm (the biggest diameter in the shop is 15.00mm)

Base Curve: 8.7

Duration: 1 year disposable

Price: $19.90

Prescription correttive lenses: no



As happened with the first order I made from this shop the shipping was really fast and the item arrived in two weeks (which is really fast shipping because I always receive my items from other shops after a month). the package was sicure and nothing got damaged by the delivery. I apreciated also the cute inner packaging which is characteristic of the shop. As happened with the other order the send to me also a cute pen and a pair of earrings.

9 10 12 11

Pretty lens case, in a different colour from the other order I made so I suppose they have a lot of colours. which is really good if you have more than one pair of lenses and you don’t want to get confused between a pair and another.



As always I must remember you that I have really dark brown eyes. so for me is not easy to find a contact lens which cover my eye colour with a natural effect. usually I found lenses which blend with my eyes colour but not cover it (and everyone can notice that I have dark eyes). I think this pair of lens are perfect for who wants a natural effect and cover a dark eye colour. The lenses are yellow inside and light blue outsite. this mix make them seems different according to the light. infact sometimes they appear grey or blu… sometimes green!! I’m sure they are perfect for fashion/everyday wear and for realistic cosplay.

3 5



This pair of lens is pretty confortable to wear. I didn’t have any problem to wear them but after a whole day of convention my eyes felt tired. So I kept them in my eye for about 10 hour that day. I think is never good to wear a pair of lens for so much time xD. in any case My eyes didn’t cry when I put them on (which sometimes happen with my eyes which are really delicate) and I didn’t had problem with sun and strong lights. I also took photos while wearing this pair of lens and I had a bit of problems because I saw things a bit blurred than without lens. I noticed this only while taking photos eheh ^^”.


I prefer this tipe of enlargement 14.2mm than the biggest one because it makes my eyes appear bigger without giving to me a dolly/alien appearance. I achieved with this pair of lenses the natural effect that I desired. If you want you eyes appear bigger you have to pick another pair of lens. this is the link betweek biggest and natural.



GEO for me is really a good lenses brand and I think I will buy again lens of this brand. is a good seller and is faster than others (perfect if you need your lens fast for a convention). for this pair of lenses in particular I have to say that I’m completely in love with the natural effect they give to my eyes. it seems that I really have light eyes which for me is amazing. Perfect for everyday/fashion wear and realistic cosplay (characters from film and videogames)


They also have a permanent giveaway so check it if you are interested -> giveaway


I used this lenses for a ryuko photoset but I didn’t get any photo with my eyes visible yet xD By the way I weared them also at cartoomics as Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite. I will post some photo soon on the blog ❤


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