5 Things from my Cosplay Survival Kit

survival cosplay kit

Hi! Less than a year ago I didn’t take with me any survival kit while cosplay during convention and during a con I needed it so much and I had nothing with me!! (I was lucky that a cosplayer had what I needed and saved my day). So I started to build my own survival kit for cosplay. It change a bit every time in base of what I really need for a cosplay. But some things are always the same. Here we are with the first part of the list… I will post the second part another day


1. Basic make up

I need this for two types of situation:

– The start of the con. If I didn’t complete my make up at home because the character has signs or tattoos on the face or hands and I prefer to make them just after I entered into the con. (example: Kat’s signs on her hands)

– The middle of the con. Sometimes happens that you have to fix your make up! sometimes other cosplayers may need this and you can help them ^^

Also guys may need this for tattoos or similar (example: Draven’s tattoos on the face)

I will write about my basic make up for cosplay in another post, I have to admit that I use very cheap make up for cosplay eheh

2. Scissors


yay! that’s not because I’m a fan of kill la kill but because they may be very useful during a con if you aren’t exactly good to cut threads or scotch-tape with your teeths!!

3. Hand Sewing Threads and Needles


Well you know when your cosplay needs to be fixed during a con because maybe you didn’t sew well a part or you notice too late that there is something incomplete? Always bring with you some needle and white and black sewing threads for every emergence!


4. scotch-tape

Always. It’s kinda bad to see a piece of armor or a prop fixed with scotch-tape but It saved my life when I broke one of the inner threads of one of my Vi’s fingers. So I couldn’t move the finger >.< It also helped me with Sona’s Etwahl invisible threads when the glue didn’t work for all the day.


5. glue

Better alternative than scotch-tape for fix something broke from your armor, props and so on. I still prefer to have both glue and schotch-tape to be safe xD Even if you work really well to make a prop, when you are in the middle of a crowd of people you may broke some piece and this can really save you. Remember in any case to fix your props better when you are at home!!

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2 Responses to 5 Things from my Cosplay Survival Kit

  1. This is a helpful article! Nailed it with #5, glue is essential! And if someone needs to be punished you can glue their hotel door shut 🙂 it never hurts to have a band-aid or two stashed around somewhere. A spare dryer sheet can be useful to help fight against static too.

    Happy cosplaying 🙂


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