[Review] Geo Angel Blue Lenses from Pinkicon.com

Hi! I’m here with a new review. I’m sorry I’m really inactive with cosplay tutorials but actually except for holidays I’m working a lot for the university and I can’t use many time for cosplay ^^.

GEO Angel Blue Lenses



Shop: Pinkicon.com

Lenses: GEO Angel Blue

Brand: GEO

Water content: 38%

Diameter: 14.2 mm (the biggest is 15.0)

Base curve: 8.6

Duration: 1 year

Price: $14.40

Prescripion/Correttive lenses: YES


pack pACK2

The shipping was really fast. I reveived the lenses in about a week. by the way I had some issues with the post office so I got them a bit later but that’s not a problem of the shop.

 There was a cute ticket on the post package with PinkIcon logo. I also found inside the package some instructions about the correct use of circle lenses and the pinkicon shop ticket.


The lenses were protected and there was also a basic Lens case offered by the shop. Nothing was damaged by the delivery. I opened the lenses the first day to look at them and I liked the colour. I didn’t pick them from the shop but they decided for me according to my colour preferences. They seemed pretty good for dark eyes as covering lenses.

lens3 pinkicon


I have  brown eyes so I always look for covering lenses which also provide a naturalistic effect on the eye. I love the deep blue colour of them and the colour has a great effect even on my dark eyes.

lens lens2

By the way they don’t provide one of the best natural effect. They are just in the middle between non-realistic and realistic lenses. I didn’t find already a pair of lenses which provide both deep blue and natural effect ^^”. Maybe I ask to much.

I put here three pics with different lights. Both three are done with a natural light in different days (both sunny and cloudy) and they provide a great blue colour in any case.


I also tested them with Flash from the camera even if I prefer no-flash photos when I’m in cosplay during conventions sometimes people uses it xD



This pair of lenses provides a nice eyes enlargement. I like the “dolly eye” effect in circle lenses and sometimes I’m tempted to buy brown lenses just to enlarge my eye and achieve this cute gaze but I also want something that may still appear “real”


In any case this tipe of enlargement is not the biggest one (they sells lens from 14.0 to 15.0) so the eyes still appears natural. I think this is the best diameter for me because my little eyes seems bigger but I don’t look like a strange alien ^^”. This is good for cosplay as for everyday life.



I tryed them for a fast photo the day before going on holidays in Berlin. They were really soft and easy to wear. My eyes didn’t cry (it usually happens with some tipes of lenses). I tryed to wear them for a whole day and I did the same this week when I did the photos for the review. I didn’t had any problem with the sun in the face or artificial light (which are usually the things that disturb me the most while I’m wearing contacts). Same thing for the time spent on computer. I also didn’t have any problem with blur effects. I think that the confort they provide is one of the best as I saw with most of the GEO lenses.



The site of the shop is not entirely in english but is easy to understand and the staff is really nice and fast with answers. I think that the confort provided by the lenses + the possibility to buy prescripted lenses is one of the best things of the shop. PinkIcon offers over 500 circle lenses and a lot of cosmetics. It also sells wigs part and full wigs. Is awesome that they provide prescripted lenses for so many circle lenses. They also sells daily and monthly lenses. is clear that they are more interested in buty and everyday life than cosplay but they also have cosplay lenses.  I think that they have really good prices + free shipping.


I think that this pair of lenses is suitable both for cosplay that everyday wearing. I’m pretty satisfied for them and for now they are the most confortable pair of lenses I ever tryed. I’m sure I will use them for my Harley Quinn cosplay. I hope I will find time to do a make up test soon so I will upload some new photos on this review ^^

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