me vs cosplay and where

hi! I decided to be more active on the blog and write every time I have a topic in mind or similar.

So the idea is: where is better wear a particular cosplay?

Two years ago when I started to cosplay I picked the characters without thinking about time, weather, location and so on. Now I put way more attention to the conventions and the cosplays I want to do. sometimes is a matter of feeling well while wearing cosplay, sometimes a matter of locations (both for photos or for the number of people attending the convention).

The hardest convention for me is Lucca comics. if the weather is sunny like this year in the afternoon a cosplay like ryuko or sejuani is not a problem. I didn’t suffer cold because I brought with me a hoody to wear for ryuko and a complete change of clothes (but I forgot shoes) for sejuani. In the 2013 weather in lucca was kinda bad (it rained a lot) so I felt quite confortable with my Serah Farron cosplay because it was a warm cosplay *^*. I also didn’t have problems with my cosplay of Kat (from devil may cry) because that day was sunny and I had a hoody because of the costume. I suffered cold in 2012 but it was my first Lucca comics and I didn’t have this type of weather attention.

So. I usually consider:

1. season

I pick quite covered cosplays If I have to go to a convention in winter but I also consider that usually inside the con is quite warm. I always bring something with me to cover myself while outsite (queque for tickets for example of waiting for photosets on open air)

I try to avoid covered cosplays for conventions in summer. If I want to bring a covered character I search for lightweight fabric. sometimes I make the costume by layers because of the warm weather. for example my Officer vi has long sleves and I made them removable to stay confortable in case of warm convention.

2. closed space or open air convention

if is a closed convention I’m usually ok with all the costumes. if is open air I consider the season matter. if is in fall or autumn… I pray for sun, never for rain.

3. location (crowd of people)

this is quite new as step but I understand in the last con I have also to consider this. some conventions are really too much full of people and is quite difficult to move with some type of cosplay. especially if the convention is in a closed space and doesn’t have a nice space outside

4. location (photoset)

sometimes I consider also the character into the location for a ipothetic photoset (I ask photos to my friends if I can’t find a photographer) for example by the sea or with snow. this was for Rimini comics with Yuna (convention by the sea) and this is how will be for my next rimini comics with poolparty leona ( I already talked about the sea?).

For a private photoset (all my private photosets are made with friends and not pro photographers in any case xD) I erase all the rule below and think only about location and character. the biggest example: I want a photoset of babydoll into a snow landscape. it would be a lot in character but I would suffer cold really bad xD ( every year in any case I cross my fingers for snow and time for doing this )

So… this is my short list of rules. there is also the traveling part but I’ve already written a post about travels and cosplay and you can check it here -> Traveling with cosplay

I leave you with a photo of Ryuko from Genova Comics and Games


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me vs cosplay shoes!

today I was talking with a friend of mine about shoes and cosplay and She said that someone can see a good cosplay from shoes. ehm… I consider shoes while cosplay but I always tryed to spend less money as possible in shoes and I try to wear them also for more than one character if I can. In any case I try to wear a pair pretty similar to the character’s pair to give a good idea of the whole costume.

well. I bought shoes for cosplay just one time. this was when I cosplayed Vi from League of Legends and I bought a 10€ pair of boots at the open-air market in Bologna. They where brown and I painted with black acrylic spray painting xD.

I used the same pair of boots for darkrider sejuani because they where black and I had to cover them with armor in any case.


Vi’s boots                                                                                 Sejuani’s boots and armor

as you can see the boots are similar to the references pictures but they miss a pair of details for each. I wanted to use them more than once so I kept the boots at the base state ( I just did the color change ). for sejuani I have the idea to work on the details missing because I think they are more important for the image of the character.

For Babydoll and Serah Farron the story is a bit different. Babydoll was one of my first cosplays and I didn’t want to buy a new pair of shoes because of money and I used my mum’s shoes. They were quite similar and since she actually wears them I couldn’t do anything to modify them.

Babydoll shoes Serah shoes

Babydoll’s shoes                                                                                       Serah’s shoes

For Serah I just painted a pair of old shoes from my mum. I worked quite hard to remake the perfect colour but I didn’t apply anything on them because I didn’t know the magic of foam and yoga mat (it was more than one year ago) and I didn’t want to use cardboard. In any case they made a nice effect while wearing the cosplay (power of the right colour which was a mixture between gold and green)

For Ryuko I used a old pair of sneakers. I didn’t wear them for years so I had no problems to paint them in white xD

ryuko's shoes

ryuko’s shoes

they are quite similar but i still want to add the thunder shape which is a detail that I don’t have and may make them perfect. I also don’t like the pink colour of the inside but I’m afraid to do a big mess trying to paint that fabric in white so I’m not sure of what to do.

So… I think that shoes for cosplays are not so bad even if miss some detail. but Those details may let the shoes become perfect and if you always put your attention in details of the costume or of the props maybe is better if you put the same attention into boots and shoes.

Just a reminder. It’s hard that someone will notice some details during a convention so try to find the characters who needs more attention for details when you have no time or money.

see ya for the next post ^^


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Cosplay and freetime

I have a lot of projects for next year about cosplay. everytime I decide to make a costume I have also to face a big problem “freetime”. I did a lot of costumes very fast because I didn’t have time because university and when summer holidays started I worked really fast to end all of my projects. Same happened for Lucca comics and Games (when I finished my tests at university in october). I spend less than three weeks to work almost full time on my darkrider sejuani cosplay, on dress and armor for my boyfriend (who cosplayed Draven) and on a Mako cosplay for a friend of mine. so I worked very fast on three cosplays and this kinda destroyed me xD.

Now I decided to slow down and I try to find freetime for little things, for work step by step on every costume without getting exausted. I still want to keep my time to post something here on the blog (I find this is very relaxing) and I think I will write something about Sona’s Ethwal soon or about armor making with foam and Yoga mat.

I’m also planning to do fast reviews about materials I use, wigs and lenses.

I leave you with a photo of Yuna. I worked really fast even for that cosplay and Now I want to improve it so much and change few things of the costume. I also want to remake the guns, maybe using polystyrene.


me as Gunner Yuna – photographer byZA – rimini comix 2014

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me versus traveling with cosplay

I never went on a con outside Italy so I never took the airplane. and I’m quite happy because make luggages with

cosplay props and dress isn’t easy. especially if you are going to cosplay a character with armor or particular big

props (such as VI’s hextech gauntlets). I saw many cosplayer change their progect considering also the travel they may

do with their cosplay. for example “Shinju’s workshop” ( made a pair of VI hands that can be dismantled to put them into

a small luggage. this is amazing! but not always one think about moving when he makes his cosplay or maybe he thinks to

go only in near cons using the car and then He joins a group for a more far convention.

what can someone do when he wants to cosplay something but he has a problem of space?

I avoided the problem by not picking big things for cons if I couldn’t reach them by car. By the way if you don’t want

to sacrifice that specific cosplay you can stay strong and find a solution.

so here there are my insane tips for traveling on train (based on my little experience):

1. when you decide what cosplay bring to a con, if you stay there more than one day, don’t pick more than one big cosplay.

I mean the one with the biggest or heavyest prop. this may seem obvious but you should consider that even a “not so big” prop

may become bigger while you have to put it into a backpack. So think about the cosplays you want to do and think about the space

they may take. then join groups and so on…

2. you must bring all by yourself without any help. Yes don’t count on your no-cosplayer friend just because he have only a

simple luggage to bring. that’s so bad because even if you can take it all by yourself there may be a situation in which you need

help from this friend, if you give to him more thing that may be a big problem while moving.

3. you have two hands and a back so you can find a lot of solution to bring your

props with you. be insane becase if you want to do a particular cosplay don’t be afraid to wear the helmet of your character

while traveling ( I have to admit I didn’t do that with sejuani xD but I had space for it ). Another example is my ryuko’s scissor

blade. I put it into a guitar case and I used the space also for senketsu, sona’s dress, some armor piece and all the wigs.

(yes I had a lot of things on my back and nobody suspected nothing *^*

actually this how I brought with me my scissor blade for Lucca comics (sorry bad quality)

4. you don’t need so much no-cosplay dresses. you are going to a con and maybe you decide to do all the days in cosplay. just pick

a pair of outfits for the travel and the evenings and add to them some shirt and a pair of jeans and you are ok. don’t try to think

about cool evening outfits and similar thing. if you have travelings problems with space probably your cosplay will make you

feel tired at the evening.

5. that’s not so bad if you have not all the weapons. yes I said it. but it is about the cosplay you have already wore or you are

going to wear into another convention or in a photoset. I’m talking about those characters who have a full arsenal of weapons and

you made all of them. that’s amazing, you did a good job but really it isn’t necessary to bring all of them if you risk to ruin

them or you can’t bring them. doing Jinx with just pow pow or fishbones is not so bad. if you can’t bring all and you really can’t

find a solution don’t give one of them to your no-cosplayer friend. just bring it on another con.

so… I just want you to know these are all my ideas and for someone cosplay travelling may be completely different. I just wanted

to share according to my experience the steps I thinks about when I’m preparing for a convention.

stay tuned for other versus posts!


ryuko matoi cosplay kill la kill

me as Ryuko Matoi at Lucca Comics. I brought all the costume into a guitar case with Sona’s dress and other two wigs.

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me versus circle lenses

First post of the versus theme. I will talk here about my experience with wigs, materials, lenses and so on. This is not a review post but just me writing what happened when I tryed something for the first time and how is now.

e l l i e   vs   c i r c l e   l e n s e s

Geo Yuna Lens from Eyecandy lenses shop

As first I don’t need graduated lenses or glasses so my experience is limited from the point of view of simple coloured lenses.

I bought my first pair of lenses with my first cosplay. I cosplayed an original version of Alice from alice in wonderland and I didn’t really need them. By the way I wanted to try to use lenses and I bought a three months pair of lenses from a ebay shop.

It was terrible. They were hard and I took almost an hour to wear them. I also watched some tutorial but it didn’t help me so much. During the con my eyes cryed a lot especially when I was outside (it was a sunny day). I also bought them just looking at a image of a eye and the shop didn’t show photos of the lenses weared by someone. so my eyes weren’t blue but violet (like the violet of daenerys tagaryen’s eyes).

The second time I bought lenses I decided for softer lenses (that I find way harder to put on but more confortable to wear). I bought them from Pinky paradise lenses shop and I picked a pair of lenses which show also a reference images of a brown eyes person wearing them. the colour was perfect.

I did a sort of training because my bad experience with lenses and I weared them almost every day for few hours doing different things that involved eyes and screens (because of lights who caused me a lot of troubles the first time). I weared them only at home for a while and then I tryed also to wear them at school. During the convention I was more confortable and I was quite happy.

After two years I can finally put them at the first attempt (yes, I always made a lot of attempt before wearing them) and I have no problem to take them on for a full day ( I just never drive my car with lenses on. NEVER).

Someone may have no problems from the beginning with circle lenses but I had troubles and it’s quite unfair that a lot of people easily say how to wear them when they are trained for lenses. a lot of my friends had trouble with coloured lenses and use a lot of time to put them on.

that’s all folks!


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Tutorial: darkrider sejuani helmet

hi!! today I want to post a tutorial of my sejuani’s helmet. I posted something on tumblr when I finished it but I wanted to do a better tutorial.

darkrider sejuani cosplay ellie river league of legends

me as Darkrider Sejuani from League of Legends. amazing photo by Tommaso Cirolo


– Yoga mat (6mm thick)

– Eva foam ( 10/15 mm thick

– Polyurethane sheet

– Spray putty

– putty (by brush)

– acrylics

– spray painting

– vinylic glue

– hot glue

Step 1 – Model

I’m sorry I have no photos of this part but I worked using a mannequin head ( that I usually use to style wigs) and I covered it with Tintfoil. After this I covered all with masking tape. then I draw the helmet basic shape on it and details to put on. then I cut all and used a old newspaper to remade the model of every piece of the helmet.

Step 2 – Foam Base

Once I had the model for every piece I decided which part do with the thickier foam and wich do with the yoga mat. The two pieces with the hole (for horns) and the big part on the front are made with thickier eva foam. the other pieces are made with the yoga mat.

I used hot glue to put all the pieces together (It works well with yoga mat)

Step 3 – Details and Tons of Vinyl glue

I made details with pieces of yoga mat and polyurethane. I cut it with a cutter and sculpted the shapes that I needed for the helmet. Then I covered all with two layers of vinyl glue. I put on “tons” of hit and leave all to dry. Also the horn is made of polyurethane.

Step 4 – putty putty putty

I used spray putty (spray stucco) to work faster on the big parts and I put two light layers of it. Then I used putty by brush on some part to make the helmet look better and sanded, sanded, sanded.

This was to prepare the base for painting.

Step 5 – painting

Well as base I used black spray painting. then I leave it to dry and coloured it by brush the day after.

I used five acrylics: black (mat), dark gray (satin effect), electric blue (satin effect), silver (mat), white (mat). I painted the darker part with a base of dark gray and I mixed it with the blue to make the gradient effect on it. I used silver for all the details of the helmet. Then I used white and black for shades.

So that’s all! I will post something in detail for the polyurethane horn with the making of Sona’s etawhl. so for now that’s all.

stay tuned!


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who I am

Well every blog has a first post so here there is mine. I’m 20 years old and I attend art accademy in Italy. I started to cosplay 2/3 years ago and I didn’t know how to sew or make a prop. I started from basics. my first cosplays aren’t sew by me but by my aunt which also teached me how to work with a sewing machine. after one year my brother gave me a mannequin as a present and then I started to make patterns based on it instead searching them online.

The first cosplay I’ve completely sew by myself is White Mage Serah Farron. I was really proud of it because it was also full of details and I had to work a lot on them.

For the craft and props part I started to work alone with materials I could use with ease as “wood pulp cardboard”. the first prop I made was Lightning’s gunblade in it’s gun form. I worked with layers of this particular cardboard and I put all my attention to details.

After this I tryed to improve more and more and now I am here writing a blog xD

Don’t know If it will be interesting or not.

in any case

stay tuned,


arcade sona cosplay league of legends

me as arcade sona from league of legends. amazing photo by photographer karl edward frederick olivieri

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