Review: Geo Yuna cosplay from

As promised I’m here with a review of something I’ve bought for cosplay. I used this lenses for cosplay Yuna and I found quite amazing that this shop sell this couple of lenses for cosplayer because at start I was afraid to buy a blue pair and a green pair just for cosplay Yuna. so…


the pack contains one piece of GEO Super Nudy Quarter Blue and a piece of GEO Super Nudy Quarter Green. If you need just one colour they are sold also as a pair 😀


Lenses: Geo Yuna cosplay blue/green

Brand: GEO

Origin: South Korea

Water content: 38% – 42%

Diameter: 14.8 mm, 16.0 mm effect

Base Curve: 8.4 – 8.6

Duration: 1 year disposable

Price: $24.39


The delivery was really fast. I bought them and received after a pair of weeks. as always is more the time that a package spend from Milano to my hometown that the time spent to arrive in Italy. Here there is a photo of the package. there is also a card from the shop. I think it is pretty and I was so happy when I received the lenses! It also appear professional.




outdoor light

both lenses have a natural colour and seems good also on dark eyes (my eyes are really dark brown). I think the green one has a more natural effect on the eye because it merges well with my eye while with the blue you can notice that there is a dark brown under. By the way I think they are quite good for a natural effect but with a photo from far the eyes result really dark and you can’t notice the difference between the two colours.


indoor light

I put here a zoom for a cosplay photo from Rimini comics to show that is quite hard to see the difference between the two lenses. By the way this happen when there isn’t many light and with photos by a certain distance.


detail from a cosplay photo – outdoor light

GEO Super Nudy Quarter Blue and Green This lenses are the largest in the shop and they have really a great natural effect on the eyes. I’m sure is good for everyday wear but for cosplay I think is better for characters from realistic videogames or films more than anime characters which I think need a more bright and covering colour.


COMFORT I think this lenses are really confortable. I wore them for two days and It was like not wearing lenses. I almost forgot to remove them before going to sleep. My eyes cryes a bit when I put them but it happens with most of the lenses I use. I wore them after 5 month and they are still good. it happened that lenses from other shop made my eyes burn after few months but with this pair I had no problem.


CONCLUSION I’m really happy for this lenses but if the colours where more strong and covered my eye better than this I would enjoy them more. I still think that they are perfect for everyday wearing and fashion.


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