Bakuzan Gako wip

Hi! This is the first work of the year *^* I’m really excited.

Since I’m going to do Satsuki again for a photoset I decided to make her weapons insted of use the scissor blade as I did the last time.

So I’m working on Bakuzan Gako which is the shorter one using Polyurethane sheets as material.

here there is one of the reference pictures I used to make Kouryu and Gako patterns

At first I looked for references because I knew the to weapons were a tanto and a wakizaki but I didn’t remember their shape. I found some photos of the action figure which were really useful.


Then I drew two fast patterns (just to have the whole idea in mind) and cut the pieces on a small polyurethane sheet. Then I started to sculpt Gako with a cutter. It is made of two pieces. I glued it with vinyl glue and I will put stucco/putty on it and then I will sand it before paint it with acrilyc colours.

2 3 4

Can’t wait to work more on this. I leave you with a picture of me as Satsuki at Rimini comics


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