me vs cosplay and where

hi! I decided to be more active on the blog and write every time I have a topic in mind or similar.

So the idea is: where is better wear a particular cosplay?

Two years ago when I started to cosplay I picked the characters without thinking about time, weather, location and so on. Now I put way more attention to the conventions and the cosplays I want to do. sometimes is a matter of feeling well while wearing cosplay, sometimes a matter of locations (both for photos or for the number of people attending the convention).

The hardest convention for me is Lucca comics. if the weather is sunny like this year in the afternoon a cosplay like ryuko or sejuani is not a problem. I didn’t suffer cold because I brought with me a hoody to wear for ryuko and a complete change of clothes (but I forgot shoes) for sejuani. In the 2013 weather in lucca was kinda bad (it rained a lot) so I felt quite confortable with my Serah Farron cosplay because it was a warm cosplay *^*. I also didn’t have problems with my cosplay of Kat (from devil may cry) because that day was sunny and I had a hoody because of the costume. I suffered cold in 2012 but it was my first Lucca comics and I didn’t have this type of weather attention.

So. I usually consider:

1. season

I pick quite covered cosplays If I have to go to a convention in winter but I also consider that usually inside the con is quite warm. I always bring something with me to cover myself while outsite (queque for tickets for example of waiting for photosets on open air)

I try to avoid covered cosplays for conventions in summer. If I want to bring a covered character I search for lightweight fabric. sometimes I make the costume by layers because of the warm weather. for example my Officer vi has long sleves and I made them removable to stay confortable in case of warm convention.

2. closed space or open air convention

if is a closed convention I’m usually ok with all the costumes. if is open air I consider the season matter. if is in fall or autumn… I pray for sun, never for rain.

3. location (crowd of people)

this is quite new as step but I understand in the last con I have also to consider this. some conventions are really too much full of people and is quite difficult to move with some type of cosplay. especially if the convention is in a closed space and doesn’t have a nice space outside

4. location (photoset)

sometimes I consider also the character into the location for a ipothetic photoset (I ask photos to my friends if I can’t find a photographer) for example by the sea or with snow. this was for Rimini comics with Yuna (convention by the sea) and this is how will be for my next rimini comics with poolparty leona ( I already talked about the sea?).

For a private photoset (all my private photosets are made with friends and not pro photographers in any case xD) I erase all the rule below and think only about location and character. the biggest example: I want a photoset of babydoll into a snow landscape. it would be a lot in character but I would suffer cold really bad xD ( every year in any case I cross my fingers for snow and time for doing this )

So… this is my short list of rules. there is also the traveling part but I’ve already written a post about travels and cosplay and you can check it here -> Traveling with cosplay

I leave you with a photo of Ryuko from Genova Comics and Games


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