me vs cosplay shoes!

today I was talking with a friend of mine about shoes and cosplay and She said that someone can see a good cosplay from shoes. ehm… I consider shoes while cosplay but I always tryed to spend less money as possible in shoes and I try to wear them also for more than one character if I can. In any case I try to wear a pair pretty similar to the character’s pair to give a good idea of the whole costume.

well. I bought shoes for cosplay just one time. this was when I cosplayed Vi from League of Legends and I bought a 10€ pair of boots at the open-air market in Bologna. They where brown and I painted with black acrylic spray painting xD.

I used the same pair of boots for darkrider sejuani because they where black and I had to cover them with armor in any case.


Vi’s boots                                                                                 Sejuani’s boots and armor

as you can see the boots are similar to the references pictures but they miss a pair of details for each. I wanted to use them more than once so I kept the boots at the base state ( I just did the color change ). for sejuani I have the idea to work on the details missing because I think they are more important for the image of the character.

For Babydoll and Serah Farron the story is a bit different. Babydoll was one of my first cosplays and I didn’t want to buy a new pair of shoes because of money and I used my mum’s shoes. They were quite similar and since she actually wears them I couldn’t do anything to modify them.

Babydoll shoes Serah shoes

Babydoll’s shoes                                                                                       Serah’s shoes

For Serah I just painted a pair of old shoes from my mum. I worked quite hard to remake the perfect colour but I didn’t apply anything on them because I didn’t know the magic of foam and yoga mat (it was more than one year ago) and I didn’t want to use cardboard. In any case they made a nice effect while wearing the cosplay (power of the right colour which was a mixture between gold and green)

For Ryuko I used a old pair of sneakers. I didn’t wear them for years so I had no problems to paint them in white xD

ryuko's shoes

ryuko’s shoes

they are quite similar but i still want to add the thunder shape which is a detail that I don’t have and may make them perfect. I also don’t like the pink colour of the inside but I’m afraid to do a big mess trying to paint that fabric in white so I’m not sure of what to do.

So… I think that shoes for cosplays are not so bad even if miss some detail. but Those details may let the shoes become perfect and if you always put your attention in details of the costume or of the props maybe is better if you put the same attention into boots and shoes.

Just a reminder. It’s hard that someone will notice some details during a convention so try to find the characters who needs more attention for details when you have no time or money.

see ya for the next post ^^


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