Cosplay and freetime

I have a lot of projects for next year about cosplay. everytime I decide to make a costume I have also to face a big problem “freetime”. I did a lot of costumes very fast because I didn’t have time because university and when summer holidays started I worked really fast to end all of my projects. Same happened for Lucca comics and Games (when I finished my tests at university in october). I spend less than three weeks to work almost full time on my darkrider sejuani cosplay, on dress and armor for my boyfriend (who cosplayed Draven) and on a Mako cosplay for a friend of mine. so I worked very fast on three cosplays and this kinda destroyed me xD.

Now I decided to slow down and I try to find freetime for little things, for work step by step on every costume without getting exausted. I still want to keep my time to post something here on the blog (I find this is very relaxing) and I think I will write something about Sona’s Ethwal soon or about armor making with foam and Yoga mat.

I’m also planning to do fast reviews about materials I use, wigs and lenses.

I leave you with a photo of Yuna. I worked really fast even for that cosplay and Now I want to improve it so much and change few things of the costume. I also want to remake the guns, maybe using polystyrene.


me as Gunner Yuna – photographer byZA – rimini comix 2014

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