me versus traveling with cosplay

I never went on a con outside Italy so I never took the airplane. and I’m quite happy because make luggages with

cosplay props and dress isn’t easy. especially if you are going to cosplay a character with armor or particular big

props (such as VI’s hextech gauntlets). I saw many cosplayer change their progect considering also the travel they may

do with their cosplay. for example “Shinju’s workshop” ( made a pair of VI hands that can be dismantled to put them into

a small luggage. this is amazing! but not always one think about moving when he makes his cosplay or maybe he thinks to

go only in near cons using the car and then He joins a group for a more far convention.

what can someone do when he wants to cosplay something but he has a problem of space?

I avoided the problem by not picking big things for cons if I couldn’t reach them by car. By the way if you don’t want

to sacrifice that specific cosplay you can stay strong and find a solution.

so here there are my insane tips for traveling on train (based on my little experience):

1. when you decide what cosplay bring to a con, if you stay there more than one day, don’t pick more than one big cosplay.

I mean the one with the biggest or heavyest prop. this may seem obvious but you should consider that even a “not so big” prop

may become bigger while you have to put it into a backpack. So think about the cosplays you want to do and think about the space

they may take. then join groups and so on…

2. you must bring all by yourself without any help. Yes don’t count on your no-cosplayer friend just because he have only a

simple luggage to bring. that’s so bad because even if you can take it all by yourself there may be a situation in which you need

help from this friend, if you give to him more thing that may be a big problem while moving.

3. you have two hands and a back so you can find a lot of solution to bring your

props with you. be insane becase if you want to do a particular cosplay don’t be afraid to wear the helmet of your character

while traveling ( I have to admit I didn’t do that with sejuani xD but I had space for it ). Another example is my ryuko’s scissor

blade. I put it into a guitar case and I used the space also for senketsu, sona’s dress, some armor piece and all the wigs.

(yes I had a lot of things on my back and nobody suspected nothing *^*

actually this how I brought with me my scissor blade for Lucca comics (sorry bad quality)

4. you don’t need so much no-cosplay dresses. you are going to a con and maybe you decide to do all the days in cosplay. just pick

a pair of outfits for the travel and the evenings and add to them some shirt and a pair of jeans and you are ok. don’t try to think

about cool evening outfits and similar thing. if you have travelings problems with space probably your cosplay will make you

feel tired at the evening.

5. that’s not so bad if you have not all the weapons. yes I said it. but it is about the cosplay you have already wore or you are

going to wear into another convention or in a photoset. I’m talking about those characters who have a full arsenal of weapons and

you made all of them. that’s amazing, you did a good job but really it isn’t necessary to bring all of them if you risk to ruin

them or you can’t bring them. doing Jinx with just pow pow or fishbones is not so bad. if you can’t bring all and you really can’t

find a solution don’t give one of them to your no-cosplayer friend. just bring it on another con.

so… I just want you to know these are all my ideas and for someone cosplay travelling may be completely different. I just wanted

to share according to my experience the steps I thinks about when I’m preparing for a convention.

stay tuned for other versus posts!


ryuko matoi cosplay kill la kill

me as Ryuko Matoi at Lucca Comics. I brought all the costume into a guitar case with Sona’s dress and other two wigs.

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