me versus circle lenses

First post of the versus theme. I will talk here about my experience with wigs, materials, lenses and so on. This is not a review post but just me writing what happened when I tryed something for the first time and how is now.

e l l i e   vs   c i r c l e   l e n s e s

Geo Yuna Lens from Eyecandy lenses shop

As first I don’t need graduated lenses or glasses so my experience is limited from the point of view of simple coloured lenses.

I bought my first pair of lenses with my first cosplay. I cosplayed an original version of Alice from alice in wonderland and I didn’t really need them. By the way I wanted to try to use lenses and I bought a three months pair of lenses from a ebay shop.

It was terrible. They were hard and I took almost an hour to wear them. I also watched some tutorial but it didn’t help me so much. During the con my eyes cryed a lot especially when I was outside (it was a sunny day). I also bought them just looking at a image of a eye and the shop didn’t show photos of the lenses weared by someone. so my eyes weren’t blue but violet (like the violet of daenerys tagaryen’s eyes).

The second time I bought lenses I decided for softer lenses (that I find way harder to put on but more confortable to wear). I bought them from Pinky paradise lenses shop and I picked a pair of lenses which show also a reference images of a brown eyes person wearing them. the colour was perfect.

I did a sort of training because my bad experience with lenses and I weared them almost every day for few hours doing different things that involved eyes and screens (because of lights who caused me a lot of troubles the first time). I weared them only at home for a while and then I tryed also to wear them at school. During the convention I was more confortable and I was quite happy.

After two years I can finally put them at the first attempt (yes, I always made a lot of attempt before wearing them) and I have no problem to take them on for a full day ( I just never drive my car with lenses on. NEVER).

Someone may have no problems from the beginning with circle lenses but I had troubles and it’s quite unfair that a lot of people easily say how to wear them when they are trained for lenses. a lot of my friends had trouble with coloured lenses and use a lot of time to put them on.

that’s all folks!


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