who I am

Well every blog has a first post so here there is mine. I’m 20 years old and I attend art accademy in Italy. I started to cosplay 2/3 years ago and I didn’t know how to sew or make a prop. I started from basics. my first cosplays aren’t sew by me but by my aunt which also teached me how to work with a sewing machine. after one year my brother gave me a mannequin as a present and then I started to make patterns based on it instead searching them online.

The first cosplay I’ve completely sew by myself is White Mage Serah Farron. I was really proud of it because it was also full of details and I had to work a lot on them.

For the craft and props part I started to work alone with materials I could use with ease as “wood pulp cardboard”. the first prop I made was Lightning’s gunblade in it’s gun form. I worked with layers of this particular cardboard and I put all my attention to details.

After this I tryed to improve more and more and now I am here writing a blog xD

Don’t know If it will be interesting or not.

in any case

stay tuned,


arcade sona cosplay league of legends

me as arcade sona from league of legends. amazing photo by photographer karl edward frederick olivieri

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