Tutorial: darkrider sejuani helmet

hi!! today I want to post a tutorial of my sejuani’s helmet. I posted something on tumblr when I finished it but I wanted to do a better tutorial.

darkrider sejuani cosplay ellie river league of legends

me as Darkrider Sejuani from League of Legends. amazing photo by Tommaso Cirolo


– Yoga mat (6mm thick)

– Eva foam ( 10/15 mm thick

– Polyurethane sheet

– Spray putty

– putty (by brush)

– acrylics

– spray painting

– vinylic glue

– hot glue

Step 1 – Model

I’m sorry I have no photos of this part but I worked using a mannequin head ( that I usually use to style wigs) and I covered it with Tintfoil. After this I covered all with masking tape. then I draw the helmet basic shape on it and details to put on. then I cut all and used a old newspaper to remade the model of every piece of the helmet.

Step 2 – Foam Base

Once I had the model for every piece I decided which part do with the thickier foam and wich do with the yoga mat. The two pieces with the hole (for horns) and the big part on the front are made with thickier eva foam. the other pieces are made with the yoga mat.

I used hot glue to put all the pieces together (It works well with yoga mat)

Step 3 – Details and Tons of Vinyl glue

I made details with pieces of yoga mat and polyurethane. I cut it with a cutter and sculpted the shapes that I needed for the helmet. Then I covered all with two layers of vinyl glue. I put on “tons” of hit and leave all to dry. Also the horn is made of polyurethane.

Step 4 – putty putty putty

I used spray putty (spray stucco) to work faster on the big parts and I put two light layers of it. Then I used putty by brush on some part to make the helmet look better and sanded, sanded, sanded.

This was to prepare the base for painting.

Step 5 – painting

Well as base I used black spray painting. then I leave it to dry and coloured it by brush the day after.

I used five acrylics: black (mat), dark gray (satin effect), electric blue (satin effect), silver (mat), white (mat). I painted the darker part with a base of dark gray and I mixed it with the blue to make the gradient effect on it. I used silver for all the details of the helmet. Then I used white and black for shades.

So that’s all! I will post something in detail for the polyurethane horn with the making of Sona’s etawhl. so for now that’s all.

stay tuned!


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